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How to Use the MetaTrader

The online metatrader platform is the platform of choice for almost all Forex traders. Even traders that are not currently using it, know what the platform is and its capabilities. The platform is offering three types of charts that are possible to be used when analyzing the market: a line chart, a bar chart, and candlesticks chart. A line chart shows a simple line that rises and falls together with the price of a currency pair. It has little or no importance in the technical analysis of a market. Bar charts show bars in a time frame that have the high and the low of that time frame, as well as the opening and closing level. This is enough for trading theories to be developed and for traders to try to interpret and forecast future prices based on how a bar chart is looking like. A bar chart on the monthly chart means that each bar represents one month and the high and the low in that bar, as well as the opening and the closing prices, are the ones corresponding to that timeframe, the monthly time frame.
What to do with MetaTrader platform For this reason, the trading theories developed based on interpreting bar charts are considering the time frames used in the analysis. From the daily chart above to the weekly and monthly, the trading style is suited for swing trading and investing, while lower time frames are favored by traders that scalp their way in a trading session. A candlestick chart is, by far, the most popular chart type used by retail traders. There are multiple candlestick patterns that can be interpreted and used, thanks to the Japanese Candlesticks techniques.
The Western world was surprised to find out that the Japanese have their own way to predict future prices: patterns based on candlesticks. Up until this moment, it was believed that the classic patterns like the head and shoulders, the rising and falling wedges and others alike, are the only approach to technical analysis. Trading theories like Elliott Waves and other were not even invented when the Japanese candlesticks became popular. The candlestick techniques are mostly used to forecast reversal after strong trends.
A candlestick has two part: the body and the shadow. The body is being marked by the space between the opening and the closing price. If the closing price is higher than the opening price, the candle is bullish, and typically it is colored in green, as this is the color associated with a market advance. If the closing price is lower than the opening one, the candle is a bearish one and it is associated with the red color.
The hammer is the most popular Japanese candlestick pattern. It is formed out of a single candle, and the body of a hammer can be either red or green, without influencing its outcome. As a rule of thumb, the hammer is a bullish pattern, and this means it appears at the end of bearish trends. A bearish trend that ends with a hammer will most likely reverse, as the hammer shows bulls are stepping in. Typically, a hammer is having a very long shadow. The bigger the shadow, the more powerful the pattern is. The opposite of a hammer is called a hanging man, and the idea behind trading and interpreting it is the same like in the case of a hammer, with the only distinction that the hammer calls for long trades to be taken, while a hanging man is a bearish pattern and shorts should be traded. The idea behind this article was to get you familiar with the Japanese candlestick techniques and the hammer is the most representative of them all. Other patterns fit in this category as well, but they should be the subject of a different topic.
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